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StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-3.0.3

StartCom MultiMedia Edition ML-3.0.3 ML-3.0.3 Features

Based on the stability, reliability and security of its Enterprise brother for its system functionality, ML-3.0.3 offers the demanding home user a operating system he can rely on and trust:
  • Most stable Linux 2.4 kernel
  • Complete Desktop environment
  • Administrative Management Tools
  • Complete Office Suite
  • Peer-To-Peer Tools
  • Secure Multi User Environment
  • Enhanced Device Capabilities

ML-3.0.3 System Software

Real fun and entertainment- from hour one on - awaits the proud owner of a StartCom MultiMedia Edition. The feature-rich software is installed together with the operating system and is easily accessible by the click on your mouse button:
  • SMB (Windows) File sharing
  • Mozilla Web Browser
  • Firefox Web Browser
  • Wine - Windows API implementation (Runs Windows and DOS programs)
  • Xine MultiMedia Center
  • DVD / CD Burning Tools
  • Various P2P Tools (aMule, Fasttrack, gNutella (Kazaa))
  • OpenOffice Suite
  • Various Sound Players for MP3, VOG etc.
  • Desklets Enhancements
  • Various Chat, Speech and Video Conferencing
  • Various Graphic Manipulation Tools
  • Games

ML-3.0.3 Productivity Add-On

In addition to the standard applications, MultiMedia Edition offers a Add-On CD called StartCom MultiMedia Productivity. The additional CD provides a advanced set of applications for the productive types of you:
  • Audio Recording Studio
  • Midi Music Sequencers
  • Samplers
  • Drum Machine
  • CD Ripper
  • Video Editing

How to get ML-3.0.3

This are the steps we recommend: