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StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-3.0.0

StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-3.0.0 AS-3.0.6 Features

StartCom Enterprise Linux provides the best mix of technology and stability, derived from reliable source codes. This are some highlights:
  • Most stable Linux 2.4 kernel
  • Additional features from Linux 2.6 kernel
  • Complete Desktop environment
  • Management Tools
  • Web based Remote Administration Interface
  • Cluster Capabilities
  • Up to 64 GB Memory
  • Up to 16 physical CPUs or 8 Hyperthreaded CPUs
  • Up to 1TB File system size
  • Global Filesystem (GFS)
  • Up to 32000 Threaded Processes

AS-3.0.6 Server Software

AS-3.0.6 includes most of the software you expect to exist in a high-end and mission-critical enterprise server system:
  • NFS File Server
  • SMB File and Domain Server
  • Mail Server
  • Web Server
  • FTP Server
  • Domain Name Server
  • Remote Boot Server
  • MySQL Server
  • Postgres SQL Server
  • ODBC Tools
  • VNC Server

How to get AS-3.0.6

This are the steps we recommend: