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Installing MultiMedia Productivity CD

Installing StartCom Linux Download the ISO Image:

You can find the ISO image by choosing a mirror (closest to your country) and clicking at the CD image. However it is recommend that you use a more advanced FTP utility than your browser.
You will need to download the first 3 ISO images from that directory, if you didn't installed StartCom MultiMedia Edition yet:


The later three images (4 - 6) are the images containing the source rpms and if you are not a developer you propably don't need them.

Download the additional ISO image with the name Mishteh-i386-addons-pro.iso. See the installation instructions for more information how to install StartCom Linux otherwise burn the add-on CD or copy it to a convinient directory and mount it with the -o loop option.

Install the CD:

The next operations have to be made as user root!
  • Open a Terminal (Main Menu -> System Tools -> Terminal)
  • If you are not user root, than type su now and provide the password.
  • Insert the Add-On CD or mount the ISO image file. (Type: mount -o loop Mishteh-i386-addons-pro.iso /mnt/cdrom)
  • Type the following command: /mnt/cdrom/autorun and watch the output
Of course change the path, if you mounted the CD in a other place than /mnt/cdrom .

Terminal Output:

If everthing went right, it should look like this:

Configure ALSA:

Now configure your sound card by running alsaconf. ALSA is needed for most applications in this package. Follow the screen like that:

Congratulations! You are done....