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StartCom Linux
StartCom Linux
Eilat, Israel
StartCom Enterprise Linux (AS-5.0.2) - Update Release
Eilat, Israel, June 11, 2008 - StartCom is pleased to announce the availability of StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.2. StartCom Linux is using the latest in open source technology and with its known stability, reliability and security allows for mission-critical server deployments. This update release provides various enhancements for Virtualization, Encryption, Cluster Storage, but also and Desktop improvements and Networking/IPv6 enablement.

- The Xen hypervisor makes the running of multiple virtualized server instances with its performance improvements and live-migration support for fully virtualized guests more efficient and reliable. The benefits of server virtualization are consolidation, increased utilization, an ability to rapidly provision and start a virtual machine, and increased ability to dynamically respond to hardware failures by moving a virtual machine to different hardware.

- The enhanced usability of the desktop applications makes AS-5.0.2 also an excellent choice for client and development workstations. Some of the primary desktop applications have been updated and AS-5.0.2 ships with Firefox 3, 2.3 and Thunderbird 2 which are provided as possible installation options. OpenGL driven 3D Desktop (compiz) is also included in the default desktop selection.

- Addedd kernel features include new asynchronous kernel crypto hardware driver APIs which were back ported from the upstream Linux kernel and included into AS-5.0.2. This allows the use of cryptographic hardware devices for kernel-based cryptography such as disk-encryption and IPSec. Additionally SHA-256 / SHA-512 password encryption support and RFC4303 compliant auditing support was added in order to meet tightening corporate and governmental security standards.

- Also new in AS-5.0.2 is the OpenSwan package which supports now IKE 2 for IPv6 IPSec support. Support for IPv6 compliance, SNMP IPv6, but also the DHCPv6 client and server have been improved.
StartCom Enterprise Linux AS-5.0.2 codenamed "Kishuf" is available for Intel i386 and AMD x86_64 architectures. DVD ISO images can be downloaded for free or ordered for a nominal fee. Alternative installation options via network or harddrive are also available.
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